Tropical Ooze

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Stephen Pierce
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Stephen Pierce what a record! ambitious rock steeped in history, very well informed yet still primal and patiently aggressive at times. oh and damn fine songz


Tropical Ooze Brooklyn, New York

From Brooklyn, NY. We often play backup for R. Stevie Moore.

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Track Name: Ohhow
Oh, how it's like a disease I'm slipping under / all of the time, half of the wonder /Losing my juice, going pale I start to shudder from the dracula drain of the world / Boots up to see dead scrolls and I question my appetite / personality seems like a meaningless gunfight / wrapped in our bed going out in the twilight, I say "I love you" it means "I'm afraid"/
When the buried come alive it's not quite like living - twisted to show you know the real thing / or that you knew, look at you, with a memory wilting/ it seems that shape of the thing is the thing/ just impulses subjugated to hieroglyphics/ vague as an nocean, less spacific / and island arises to ritualistic ah but how in the fuck does it hurt!
Track Name: Buy Me Some Flowers
Sweet little heiresses, sisters in clear Hyeres. Left the ghost room wide open. I get so tired. Luck and desire, they fuck with my head - buy me some flowers, take me to bed. Strung out a fortune, tangled up and hypnotized. Making alien feelings. I get so tired. You're such a liar, you fuck with my head, buy me some flowers take me to bed.
Track Name: Please, Anyone
CIrclin, circlin, shadows preyin on the sand. Fate uncertain, feeling slighted by the hand. Punched-in, pictures - printed, minted for a while. Au/su- spicioun - kim can teach me how to smile. I said said "send it home - it's not the life, its just a knife that I've undergone" Happy ever after - please, anyone? We go down to the palace, sold. Fell in for a feeling now it's laughter - "Please send me home" but there's nowhere to send you, nowhere you would consider home. Give in, notice - it became an easy trick. Grosser, closer, wave the wand like any prick. They say say come home, but you think it was as good as it was? I'm a rabbit between zones, a mess.
Track Name: Fresh Gum
Candy is the medicine. Oh, yeah - I'm pushing on a tolerance. Cotton, heat in swirl - confidence in girls. Sugar is a breaking ball. Sucker down from big to small. The center was so sweet, but it damn near broke my teeth. I'm gonna break a spell, I'm gonna spell relief.
Some simple-syrup tears, they fill me up I feel sincere, no no. That's why it hurts, these are the just desserts. Flavor never lasts too long. Couldnt make it through this all. Enter ingenue -fresh gum I can chew. I used to be fresh, too. I got a taste for you. Why does it disappear? It's fucked me up for many years. We get involved, the chemistry dissolves, bye bye.
Track Name: Too Much Light
Because tonight we will walk out with what we're able - because to night I won't find. I see them fall fast asleep satisfied tied in their staples, I come alive. Is it just a notion of having everything I want? I feel a longing sets a motion don't know how to make it stop. Try to deny we're only animals it's laughable, but don't you let it drop. Because tonight we will slide under he table - because tonight there's too much light. And all the pale gold details, wholly frail, affixed to fable, it's alright. You came and sit beside me, spill your secrets, make a mess, and I will offer absolution for the acts others detest. Try to deny it's in our chemicals, it's comical, but who wants to confess? I fill the need. And when the fever breaks and you become the master of your art, you will erect another object to obsess and pick apart. Climb a ladder, buy a miracle, call it spiritual, whatever makes you smart.
Track Name: Pride
Should I check the crown? It weighs so much it drags my head on the ground. To face, to watch it displace, the waters of my cool reflecting pool. Pride. Did it not occur? There was this dream of dreaming reshaping the earth. Why did I feel it was real but misapplied? Got stuck inside. Pride.
Joy seems so fake. An absent mind rewinds and replays the mistakes - Oh no! a sliver of gold, and I see how I got it wrong - I want to hide.
If I forget these words, don't be upset don't cross me out. Show me the passage back, I will get past my pride.
Track Name: Whatever Weird That Is
No, it's not worth reading the modern line lies within repeating with disinterest we have lost all ties we will seek whatever weird that is beautiful cross a stream derive adventure dust a dream adjust to know enemies are in the graveyard i'm cycling through my shadows all night
Track Name: Mouse (practice room/phone mic)
The mouse of man is feeble
dead upon the doorstep
of the clock cathedral

no one sees the light there
wouldnt that be nice
it’s just playing with me, reaching to invite
One step on the rung,
one drop dripping on my tongue and my eyes are rolling back to white

Crying for forgiveness
Always seems to be there / bare
Grieve the loss of interest
Track Name: Parade
Hey now/ No reason to think it goes on and on/ Seasons aren't quite the seasons they used to be, are they? And theres the flower and there's the flame. Why want to be better? All is ringing, dollar day. Love, I'm ready to burn it. It fades away. Love, I'm ready. Twilight - so let's earn it, we're standing over the edge. Ice titanic, its colored silver and grey. And there's the power and there's the pain. Why want to be better?
Track Name: Geuze
Make me and offer of cans and refuse. Treetropes of tropical fruit trickle ooze. Make me an offer - I can, I'll consume. Accuse me. Make me a mirror and I will go through, to lay down these fears in the years of the moon. I will decide now to set them aside, devising. Sell me as sailor, I've been in the blue, digging up diamonds on islands that loom. Plant them in ant mounds and fires will bloom. Kaboom.
Track Name: Capsized
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